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What Are the Current Fashion Trends for Men in Jeans?

If you like to wear clothing that is in fashion, and are looking for a new pair of men’s jeans, you may want to look at these current fashion trends. There are many different styles for lots of tastes and bound to be something you will like.

Narrowing legs — One of the biggest trends for men in jeans this year is narrowing legs. That means the legs start out narrow but then narrow down even further as they get towards the ankle.

The ankle itself is tight, which makes the jeans perfect to wear with boots or stylish shoes without socks.

Wide jeans — If your body is not suited to narrow legs, you do not need to worry this year as wide jeans are also in style.

This year, wide jeans come with huge pockets, big thick belts and, in some cases, even colorful braces.

Wear this with a sweatshirt or a cool graphic t-shirt and some funky sneakers, and you will really be on trend.

Flared jeans — While these may seem to fit better in the 1970s, flared jeans are actually on trend in 2020.

Not only are these jeans comfortable, but they also look fabulous paired with a tailored shirt or jacket.

Torn jeans — Jeans with holes and tears in them are back in style this year. Even more fashionable though are jeans that have the holes patched with pieces of fabric in colorful patterns.

If you do wear patched mens jeans, however, be sure to wear a shirt that is a little more muted in color as too colorful will make you look like a clown.


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